Utsav Vohra

With a business acumen honed over a decade, Utsav Vohra is a seasoned business strategist and an accomplished entrepreneur. He is an alumnus of the Rochester Institute of Technology, holding a degree in Business Administration.

Utsav has showcased an exceptional knack for scaling businesses, notably, the remarkable growth of his start-up, PropShop24, from a humble initial investment to an enterprise with an annual turnover exceeding $8 million. His expertise extends to Web3 technologies and NFT projects, which he has successfully steered since 2021.

Post his exit from PropShop24 in early 2021, Utsav has been instrumental as an advisor across various sectors, assisting over 15 web2 and Web3 businesses to identify core fundamentals and roadmaps, forge strategic partnerships, and structure scalable models. His advisory service offerings are comprehensive, specializing in business strategy, web3 and NFT consultation, as well as marketing and community management.

Advising on:

Strategy, business development, outreach.